Healthy, Safe Water with Culligan Akron Water Filters, Softeners, and Drinking Water Systems

Water is not only one of life’s necessities, but it is the key to a healthy life and a happy home.  Culligan of Akron and Canton is here to help make sure your water is safe for you and your family, no matter what.

With a wide array of products including whole home water filters, water softeners, and drinking water solutions; it is easier than ever to bring safe, great tasting, high quality water to your home.

Depending on where you live in the Greater Akron, Canton, Ravenna or other area, you may have water that comes from lakes and rivers.  The contaminants sometimes found in these water systems can be the source of problematic water concerns. Since they are surface water sources, they tend to be more easily susceptible to contamination by nature.  Combining those contaminants with aging plumbing and infrastructure can intensify your water problems.

Akron Drinking Water

Akron’s water supply comes, in large part, from three impounding reservoirs that take surface water from the Upper Cuyahoga River.  Having surface water sources in your community do have many benefits, but they leave your water open to drastic changes in water quality caused by changes in environmental, agricultural, or industrial activity.  The Akron Water Supply Bureau even admits that the City of Akron Public Water System is considered susceptible to contamination from agricultural runoff, failing septic systems, municipal wastewater treatment discharges.  Even if the water leaves the Public Water System meeting federal drinking water quality standards, water plumbing and distribution systems can add contaminants like lead and copper into the water, impacting its safety.  If you are concerned about your water, Culligan of Akron and Canton offers a free in-home water test if you find and signs of contamination in your water.

Water Treatment Solutions Near Akron And Canton

If you are ever worried about the quality of your water, the best thing you can do is to stop drinking it until you are positive it is safe.  Culligan’s water experts will come to your home to test your water and discuss the results for you, all free of charge!

Once you have an idea of what is wrong with your water, we will work together to determine the solution that best works for you.  Whether you need a whole home filtration system, or an under-sink reverse osmosis drinking water system, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that you get the safest, highest-quality drinking eater that is right for you.